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Bearpaw Outfitters offer quality hunts for elk, mule deer, cougar, color phase bear, whitetail deer, antelope, bobcat, buffalo, coyote, Merriam's turkey, moose,  prairie dogs, wolf, and fishing on private ranch leases and public land hotspots in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Washington. Choose a guided, semi-guided, unguided, or guaranteed hunt with indoor accommodations, tent camp, horseback drop camp, or a DIY Hunting Map if you prefer a do-it-yourself hunt.

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Meet The Staff

Idaho, Utah, Montana Mule Deer Hunting Guides And Outfitters

Dale Denney, Mule Deer Hunts

Washington Whitetail Deer Hunting Guides

Tara Denney, Whitetail Hunts

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting with Hounds

Brian Denney, Cougar Hunting

Washington Turkey Hunts

Daniel Evans, Turkey Hunting

Idaho and Utah Elk Hunts

Nick Simpkins Archery Elk Hunt


The Most Popular Hunts

ID Elk & Mule Deer.............$1650 to $3950

ID Elk / Deer / Bear............$1650 to $7950

ID Mule Deer Hunt.............$1250 to $4950

ID Shiras Moose................$1250 to $5450

ID Bear w/Hounds/Bait.......$2750 to $4450

ID Cougar (Mt Lion)............$3950 to $7950


MT Ranch Deer Hunt..........$3950 to $4950

MT Private Ranch Elk.........$3950 to $6950

MT Antelope.......................$1950 to $3450

MT Buffalo Hunts...................$2500 and up

MT Prairie Dog Hunts.............$500 per day


UT Trophy Elk Hunt...............$4950 and up

UT Cow Elk Hunt................$1250 to $2950

UT Private Ranch Mule Deer.............$4450


WA Whitetail Hunts..............$750 to $3950

WA Whitetail Doe...................$650 to $950

WA Elk/Deer/Bear..............$1950 to $3950

WA Spot & Stalk Bear........$1250 to $2950

WA Merriam's Turkey...........$750 to $1750

Over the counter licenses are available for most hunts.

Call Dale or Tara (509) 684-6294 to ask questions or book your hunt!

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Idaho Hunting Trips

Experience a northern or southern Idaho Elk Hunt, spot and stalk Trophy Idaho Mule Deer, hunt for Color Phase Bear, go after an Idaho Shiras Moose, follow the hounds for Cougar and Bobcat, or experience an Idaho Wolf Hunt. All tags except moose can be purchased over-the-counter with no draw needed. Choose a guided, semi-guided, or unguided hunt with indoor lodging or a tent camp. Fish for native trout and.... Read more >>

Montana Hunting Trips

Bearpaw Outfitters Montana Hunts have been featured on numerous TV hunting shows. Experience the challenge of spot and stalk Whitetail Deer Hunting or Mule Deer Hunting or plan a Buffalo Hunt for one of the great beasts of the plains. The Montana hunts are our most successful deer hunts, shot opportunity has been 100% for 11 years.... Read more >>

Utah Hunting Trips

Bearpaw Outfitter's offer world class Utah Trophy Elk Hunts and trophy Mule Deer Hunting for some of the best fair chase trophies in the world. Utah also has excellent Shiras Moose Hunting and hound hunts for Cougar (Mountain Lion) Hunting. There's great upland bird hunting for huns, pheasant, chuckar, dove, and five species of grouse.... Read more >>

Washington Hunting Trips

Hunt with Bearpaw Outfitters for Northwestern Whitetail Deer, color phase Black Bear, beautiful Merriam's Turkey, big bull Elk, Mule Deer, trophy class Shiras Moose, and predators including Cougar, Coyote, and Varmints on private ranch hunting leases and public land mountain hotspots. Fish for trout and walleye in local waters.... Read more >>

DIY Hunting Maps

Each Do-It-Yourself Hunting Map is custom made for each hunter. Call and tell us what you want to hunt, we'll tell you if we can help. At least four good hunting areas will be marked on your DIY Hunting Map and then we'll send it to you by email or postal mail depending if it's an electronically viewable map or a paper map. You will save thousands of dollars in fuel and time wasted trying to figure out where and how to hunt.... Read more >>

Why Hunt with Bearpaw

EXPERIENCE:  Bearpaw Outfitters are family run, full-time, licensed hunting guides and outfitters in business since 1977. Bearpaw Outfitters have survived the test of time with an A+ Rating at the Better Business Bureau. Hunters from around the world have hunted with Bearpaw Outfitters and numerous TV News and Hunting Shows have featured Bearpaw hunts.

AREAS AND SUCCESS:  Bearpaw Outfitters hunt the best public land hot spots and lease thousands of acres of quality private ranch hunting lands. Each hunt area has advantages regarding terrain, game numbers, and trophy quality. Best of all, shot opportunity averages 70% to 100% on most hunts.

PERSONAL SERVICE:  Regardless of your physical ability or prior hunting experience Bearpaw Outfitters can provide the right hunt and accommodations to suit uyour needs and will work hard to provide the best experience possible. Dale, Tara, Brian, and the staff enjoy visiting, swapping stories, and getting to know each hunter. Please read the Testimonials from past hunters.

Contact Bearpaw Today

Call Dale or Tara (509) 684-6294 to ask questions or book your hunt. Use the Hunt Application if mailing a deposit. Sign up for the Wild Update Newsletter to receive updated hunting info and reminders of application and license deadlines.

"We look forward to meeting and hunting with you!"

Dale, Tara, & The Staff


All Types Of Western Hunts

Mountain or Ranch Mule Deer

Color Phase or Black Bear Hunts

Cougar Hunting with Hounds

Trophy Elk & Mule Deer Hunting


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Insured / Bonded / Licensed - Idaho #9453 - Idaho #18953 - Montana #10651 - Utah #7549402 - Washington #60033744
Operating under permits by Colville National Forest, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Panhandle National Forest, Idaho State Lands, and Bureau of Land Management
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Hunt elk, mule deer, bear, cougar, antelope, buffalo, coyote, moose, prairie dogs, predators, turkey, upland birds, whitetail deer, wolves, or fish in Idaho, Montana, Utah, or Washington. Guided hunts, semi-guided, unguided, or guaranteed hunts with indoor lodging or tent camps are offered.